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  • TTB_RW_PP_0002
  • German, English
  • 1.3
  • Halycon, TrainTeamBerlin
  • 24.07.2012

The addon "Baureihe 143 Pluspack" for the train simulation "Railworks"/"Train Simulator 2013"... more
Product information "Baureihe 143 - PlusPack"

The addon "Baureihe 143 Pluspack" for the train simulation "Railworks"/"Train Simulator 2013" contains a huge enhancement of the DB Class 143.

You will get new controls like SiFa, a simplified PZB, enhanced pantograph controls and fan control besides the completely new sound with announcements for the class 143.

There are substanial reworked passenger coaches (type-n-coaches: new sound, passenger view, door animation) and freiht wagons (repaints, new sound, enhanced physics, automatic end-of-train-signals).

On top 8 scenarios for the routes Cologne-Düsseldorf, München-Augsburg, Hagen-Siegen und "Im Köblitzer Bergland" will be delivered.

  • the following paint schemes are delivered
    • 143 001 "Arcelor Mittal"
    • 143 247 "S-Bahn"
    • 143 344 "MEG"
    • 143 877 traffic red with settable train destination display (VBB)
    • 143 877 traffic red with settable train destination display ("KöblitzTakt")
    • 143 911 "RBH"
    • 143 920 orient red with white "bab"
    • 143 957 bordeaux red with 3d numbering sign
  • new script features class 143:
    • SiFa
    • simplified PZB
    • drive motor fan control
    • upgraded door control
    • independently usable pantographs with defined presets for AI trains
    • bugfixed and smooth traction force display
  • completely new sound for the class 143
    • accurate implementation of all relevant sounds
    • two independent usable horn sounds
  • the same enhancements for the class 143 locos of the addons "Im Köblitzer Bergland" and "Cologne - Düsseldorf"
    • new Railworks3 features for the Köblitz locos (lights and raindrop effect)
  • additional AI vehicles for traffic schemes (non-driveable by player):
    • BR420 (S-Bahn München)
    • BR423 (S-Bahn München)
    • BR648 (Bayerische Regiobahn Augsburg)
  • Upgraded regional coaches
    • neue Passenger view (2nd class)
    • more realistic and delayed Opening/Closing of the hinged-folding doors
    • completely new and realistic Sound - including random flats and realistic brake and curve sounds and more
    • brake type (block brake wheel disc brake) and door close beeping are configurable
    • enhanced driving and coupling properties
  • Upgrade for ALL german default rolling stock freight wagons
    • completely new sound: different wagon type = different rolling sound
    • highly realistic with from single files
    • all wagons have new brake and coupling properties -> no more problems with train of more than a thousand tons
    • end of train signal is put to the rear wagon automatically
    • five new authentically weathered hd-liveries with for the Falns (bulk freight wagon)
  • upgraded signal scripts for the german HP system for more realistic scenarios
  • new scenarios
    • more realistic train operations possible because of the new signal scripts
    • usage of our well-known and famous acoustic station and dispatcher announcements
  • enhancements affect railworks default rolling stock and therefore many more scenarios
    • in most cases no reinstallation of the addon necessary if there's a Railworks update (more details in the manual)

Attention: Hints for new users of TS2013:

Hint: You will support the donation campaign "TrainTeamBerlin wants to help" with buying this addon. More information:

Hint: please pay attention to the information given in the manual of the addon that is available before purchasing and that is part of the product description. You can find the manual in the tab "Downloads".

System requirements: more
System requirements:

Railworks 3 BR143 PlusPack Mit Abspielen des... more

Railworks 3 BR143 PlusPack

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Frage: There is a railworks update via steam. What should I take care of?... more

Frage:There is a railworks update via steam. What should I take care of?
Antwort:If the rolling stock enhanced by us are updated via Steam, it's possible that the new soundscape and/or the new features won't work properly. In this case, you have to open the "Konfiguration" (start menu -> all programs -> TrainTeamBerlin -> BR143 Pluspack) and click on "Deaktivieren" and after it on "Aktivieren". Now our implementation is restored.
Frage:I can't raise the pantograph of a PlusPack-loco but the machine is able to drive.
Antwort:There was a Steam update for Train Simulator again. Please handle this situation like described in the first entry of this FAQ.
Frage:I have bought a PlusPack and cannot find the scenarios for the route "Im Köblitzer Bergland". I have version 3 of the route.
Antwort:Our scenarios are for the Köblitzer Bergland V1.2 if not labelled different. The 3rd version of the route was planned and announced as an update for the former versions. But at last it was published as new, independet route by Aerosoft. The scenarios can't be used with version 3 because of incompabilities. These are unregrettable circumstances that can't be changed by us...
Frage:I have bought a PlusPack but it seems that not all engines of a class have the new functions and sounds. So the class 101 enignes of the addons "Munich-Augsburg" and "Hamburg-Hannover" are not updated. What is the problem?
Antwort:Apart from that some addons were released after our PlusPacks, there are some stalwart reasons: we enhanced especially the engines of the "European Community Asset Pack". For technical and judical reasons it is not possible to change all available engines of one class. But we can commend our goodie catalogue - it lists many inofficial updates of users of the community - so that you can use some additional vehicles with the new features: Link to the goodie catalogue (German)
24.07.2012 Version 1.0 - First release 08.04.2013... more

24.07.2012Version 1.0- First release
08.04.2013Version 1.1Installation of the "enhanced HP Signal scripts" in the actual Version 1.3
- Installation of the TAB-Trigger in some Scenarios of the Version 1.0 - so you will no longer need the TAB key in some situations
- n-Coaches: graphical improvements
- n-Coaches: sitting passengers bugfix
- Completely improved loco scripts with many enhancements: like PZB now working with the Munich Augsburg line; better handling of overlapping PZB monitorings
- Quickdrive-Consists for the Railworks default Class 143 including image thumbnail
- additional improvements for the -Coaches sound and the freight wagon sound
- new livery for the Class 143 in traffic red (default loco and Cologne-Duesseldorf addon)
- completely new, non-drivable AI trains: BR420 (S-Bahn München), BR423 (S-Bahn München), BR648 (Bayerische Regiobahn Augsburg)
- Class 143 now includes brand new 3DByte-Soundsystem for PIS-announcements
- 2 scenarios for the Munich Augsburg Route
14.04.2013Version 1.11- scenario bugfix for TTB 01 on Augsburg - Munich route
28.04.2013Version 1.12- texture patch for repaint BR143, traffic red
07.06.2014Version 1.2- (very rare) system crashes because of sound system fixed
- textures of repaints will be hold back via config tool after steam update
- bugfix for scenarios Munich-Augsburg 01 and Koeblitzer mountain route 03
- new signal script version 1.4 added
- problem with input mapper of addon loco "Im Köblitzer Bergland" fixed
- fixed scenario Hagen-Siegen 04
- bugfix for red class 143 repaint: red lamp glass added
- new repaint 143 344 "MEG"
- new repaint 143 911 "RBH"
- new repaint 143 877 "VBB" mit Zugzielanzeiger
- new repaint 143 877 "KTV" mit Zugzielanzeiger
- The destination display can be changed via the dynamic number of the loco
29.08.2014Version 1.21- new version of the 3dByte sound system, that fixes announcement dropouts if so
24.07.2019Version 1.3- improved vehicle script: added reaction to speed checking sections and improved cab lits while forced brakings
- SoundSystem adapted for 32 and 64bit version; proper version will be loaded automatically
- improved freight wagon sound: volume in cabview of passing freight trains is now dependent of sound-config of the cabview
- new repaint 143 001 "Arcelor Mittal"
- new repaint 143 247 "S-Bahn"
- new repaint 143 920 Orient red
- new repaint 143 957 Bordeaux red + vehicle number sign
- consists for usage in quick drive mode for new repaints
- additional train destination displays for 143 877 VBB
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