Regular customer discount

We are proud to present continually new projects to a faithful circle of regular customers for many years. We would like to to grant this circle a special bonus.

The regular customer discount will be calculated and applied automatically based on the purchased products that are still available in your shop account. The more products you have in your account, the higher your discount can become! As the content of your shopping cart is included in the discount calculation, too, there is a further inducement for complementing one's own collection.

The discounted price will be displayed in your shopping cart and on the checkout pages (dependant on your login state). If your are benefiting from the regular customer discount will be clarified in your cart and while checking out by blending in an info box:


This regular customer discount is implemented for our product lines "PlusPack" and "ScenarioPack" for the platform "Railworks".

The best about it: you can take the purchases you made in our old shop via the service provider "ShareIt" into this new shop, too! Old purchases will be involved in the calculation of your discount this way. More information on taking your old orders to the new shop:

We would be glad if you stay faithful customers - for supporting this we plan to enlarge the system of product line dependant regular customer discounts in future!

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