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Despite performing accurate verification tests, we can't exclude individual problems with the software due to the facts that our addons are highly complex and our customers are using a growing number of varying computer system components. We are keen to eleminate problems soon after their occurrence and to privide active help.

If you struggle with software problems using our addons, please work off the following list before contacting us:

1. Ensure that you have installed the latest drivers for your hardware (e.g. graphics card).

2. Moreover make sure that you have installed the latest versions of the train simulation and its addons! If there are special notes on our addons concerning required software versions, we provide extra information in the particular addon system requirements.

3. It can be helpful to run programs "as administrator" (right click on filename) when executing installation routines. On top some antivirus software internvene in installation routines without asking - assign enough (file writing and copying) rights to the installation routine in your antivirus software. You can - temporarily - deactivate your antivirus software (on your own risk), too.

4.If the problem persists, please inquire our support forum. There are several FAQs listed "sticky" in the particular support area. They offer solutions for the usual problems.

5. We would be glad if you open a new forum topic when your problem does not appear in our FAQs - you are probably not the only one suffering from this particular problem. Other users could benefit from your input and our answer as well.

6. Please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail if these five steps didn't help out. Please give full particulars concerning your problem! Which addon is affected? Which vehicle or scenario is affected? It can be helpful to provide detailed information about the system you use: those information can be exported from the diagnose application "DXDiag" (Windows Start Menu -> enter "dxdiag" and press Enter).


We try to promptly answer support requests,

Help / Support
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