Shop Relaunch

You get information on the relaunch of our shop and its effects on you as custmer on this site:

  • Instead of authorizing an extern service provider, we now run an own system.
  • It is a fundamental new possibility to administer one's own customer account that contains all data of previous orders.
  • You find all orders (including serials and download links) in your customer account that were made in the new shop. So all addons are ready for download at every time!
  • Instead of releasing update installing routines, we provide single install routines that contain all actual data from now on - so it is enough to run one installation wizard for running the latest version of an addon.
  • Our regular customer discount is completely new: you get a personal discount on your addon order of a product series dependant on how many products of this series you already purchased. See also: Regular customer discount
  • There is a special service for you: you have the possibility, to take your orders from the old shop (purchased via the service privoder ShareIt) into this new shop - so you have the possbility to get a download link to an actual installer at every time.
    And the best about it: your moved orders will be used for calculating the regular customer discount! You can take your orders from the "old" shop on this site:

    You will get a coupon that grants 100% discount on the product by typing in the data of your old purchase of the same product. Just encash this coupon in the new shop!

We wish you still a lot of fun using our addons and hope that our new shop system will make your "simulation life" even easier than before!


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